Welcome to a 1-day event with Stanhope-Seta (UK) and LAB Analytical Nordic

We have the pleasure to invite You to this seminar with focus on methods and equipment for control, measurement and verification of oils, fuels, grease, lubes

Focus areas will be:

New Test Methods and Developments for Diesel, Jet and Lubes

You will also get a worldwide first preview of a new BioDiesel Field instrument


The seminar will be hosted in Copenhagen area 3rd October 2018 and in

Gothenburg 4th October 2018

(The seminar is free of charge and you will be served coffee/tea and lunch.)


This seminar is joint event with Stanhope-Seta and LAB Analytical Nordic (the distributor of Stanhope-Seta products in Sweden, Denmark and Norway).

The aim of this seminar is to let users from the petrochemical, refinery, lubricant, fuel industry as well as contract laboratories meet Stanhope-Seta `in person´, get the latest information about international regulations and instrumentation and get the opportunity to see some instruments “live”.

Please note the official start of the event is 10:00 but we (Stanhope-Seta and LAB Analytical) will be at the venue from 09:00.

The program:

  • 09:00 You are welcome for a cup of coffee/tea and a sandwich and discuss with the people from Stanhope-Seta and LAB Analytical Nordic AB.
  • 10:00 Official start of the seminar.
    Presentation of LAB Analytical Nordic and Stanhope-Seta, and after that will follow:
  • New Test Methods & Developments:
    EN and ASTM methods, how do they happen?
    What is new?
  • Presentations of Stanhope-Seta instrumentation:
    AvCount Lite – For particle counting      (Instrument in situ)
    AFIDA  – For generic Cetane number determination of diesel and diesel related fuels
    Cold Filter Blocking Test, CFBT – For test of filter blocking tendency in fuels, oils etc
  • Lunch
    Pensky-Martens PM-93 – For automatic, closed cup, flash point testing      (Instrument in situ)
    Series 3 Active Cool – For flash point testing of products and chemicals       (Instrument in situ)
    Herschel Emulsifier – For determination of water separability of petroleum oils and synthetic fluids
  • Coffee break
    H2S Analyser – For measurement of H2S in petroleum products
    FIJI FAME – For measurement of FAME ranging from C8 to C22 in fuels
    ARV, Air Release Value – For determination of air release properties of hydrocarbon-based oils
  • Questions and Answers session
  • 15:00/15:30 End of seminar


Sign up by sending an email toinfo@labanalytical.dk

Please note the city/date you want to participate (We need your registration latest 24th September)

3rd October – Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), Lyngby

4th October – Best Western Hotel Waterfront, Gothenburg

If you have any questions, please contact:

Thomas Røll, +45 61 62 18 05   thomas.roll@labanalytical.dk