LAB Analytical is a company in the ClaraLab group, which started in 2007 and has operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. ClaraLab’s business concept is that every company should have a high degree of specialization in its field and act with a great customer focus. LAB Analytical today represents well-known and reputable companies in the market for analytical instrumentation.

We work very closely with both customers and suppliers to be able to deliver first-class products, service and user support. Our customers are in industry, academia and research institutes, and our users’ applications range from fast quality control to top-level research.

Our instruments and our service are delivered to laboratories in areas such as Materials, Environment, Energy, Pharmaceuticals and more. At LAB Analytical, we are dedicated to developing our business concept and growing in the analytics sector in the same way that our sister companies in ClaraLab have done in recent years.